Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice (1992) IMDB 3.80(4 014) Full Movie Download

original title: Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice
rating: 3.80(4 014)
The U.S.
horror, Thriller
Director: David Prays. cast: Terence Knox, Paul Scherrer, Ryan Bo”"man, Christie Clark, Rosalind Allen, …
running time: , 92 min.
release date: 1992


After the nightmare in Gat”ine became public, the surviving children were removed out of the city and distributed to children’s homes and orphanages. On goryachenkoe came and journalist John Garrett together with his son Denie”om.Odnako town for their stay they chose not very successfully – in it again began to raise his head corn cult of The one Who Walks Among the Stems. At this time the founder of the cult, and a new prophet was the boy Maytsa…

Review: ‘The latest victim’? I would like to, but, alas. What Stephen king chronically no luck with screenings fact, it is acknowledged and trudnoosporimyiy. Another confirmation of this fact a whole series, born out of a small, but gloomy and philosophical story about babies, which under the influence of false prophets and mysterious deity sent their parents to the light. And that’s taking for the basis of such interesting in all respects with the idea, Fritz Kirsch took off in the distant 1984, ‘the Children of the corn’. And then, as they say, raced soul on hummocks. Angry kids theme is always relevant and interesting, and only with the mystical bent and more.
‘The latest victim of’ second film of the series (well, not turning a ‘Santa Barbara’ new-fangled words to call) to the atmosphere and the drive is noticeably different from the first, however, we have to give credit where no one every five seconds, not shouting: ‘Stranger’, – although the lack of it, or dignity is not quite clear, for it is which side to look, screams don’t annoy me in the course of view, but also charismatic villains Malakay and Isaac the first part of the happily stay there, and to replace them came some kind of misunderstanding.
However, in this forgery, the viewer will find something entertaining, for the scene in the Church worthy of all the praise (almost the same as Mendes and flame in the fifth part)well gushing fountain, pleasing to the eye and the heart. But that’s rotten corn brings all a pleasant impression on the no, as it begs the Association, and that the movie just the same or rotten, and the infection spreads not worse covered with mold of ears, the subsequent ‘series’ it only confirmed.
2 out of 10
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